Friday, February 27, 2009

Skywatch Friday

While traveling home we stopped at Vicksburg, Mississippi to tour the Vicksburg National Military Park. It is a beautiful place. It is so peaceful now with all its monuments. There are several grand monuments. Some are quite small but none the less important to the men who fought here. The skies behind them went from partly sunny to cloudy.
Sort of like my thoughts.
Being here were such a siege took place during the Civil War gave me a sobering reflection. Just thinking about the lives lost for such seemingly precious property. Thinking that wars will never stop being fought. SAD.I could almost hear the soldiers shouting at one another so close in battle yet so far apart in thought.
For more skywatching you can go here. For more about the Park you can go here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Postcard from Texas

Hello All, We stopped overnight in Yoakum, Tx. A small town that had a very interesting memorial park with these life size (or larger) topiaries.
This was my favorite. It is a little cattle dog driving the steer to market. Beautiful but cool weather down here. I think this is the first time I have ever worn a winter coat in Tx during winter. Of course I have to shed it shortly after the sun gets high in the sky. Beautiful... Wish you were here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Headed for Texas

We are gonna have a good time. It is vacation time for Greenbow inhabitants. We are headed for the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Lots of good birds down in that neck of the world. Of course I will be looking out for any and all interesting botanical subjects.
As I have written before I keepGarden journals of all sorts. I could do a whole post about travel journals too. I have kept several travel journals over the years too. Here I have the journal to keep track of our current trip. I have embellished it with a cover and some drawings. I hope to have all sorts of interesting tidbits to share with you on our return. It will be exciting to see what all has sprung in the garden as spring will be more to the fore when we return.
I am not sure how much I can read or post while away. I will see you as soon as possible though. Look out Texas here we come.We are lucky that our house sitter loves Luna about as much as we do. However Luna isn't sure she is so happy about all this packing that has gone on. It will be her job to protect the house and garden from the various pests that want to take over her little world. Including these voracious squirrels...

And the neighbor's cat that sits under the bird feeders talking about what it would like to have for breakfast. We all know what that might be.See you soon...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Signs of Spring

I was wondering why my sinuses were in an uproar this week. My DB pointed out that the Maple Tree is blooming. This answers my question. I love to look out and see these pinky/red blooms popped out on the limbs. It seems like they appear overnight.
Do you have any other signs of spring in your garden?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Blooom Day

Blooms here at Greenbow are few and far between this time of year. I am happy to find that the Earth Star in my terrarium has gone into it spring time blush. I have always loved seeing these plants growing in the big botanical gardens and had no luck with them until I stuck this one into this terrarium. It has grown so bit that I am afraid that it needs to be moved out. Out to where I just don't know. I do so enjoy its salmon colored "bloom" each spring. If I happen to not notice when the days become a little longer it sure tells me because it seems to capture some of the colors of the sunsets. My only other bloom are the Snowdrops out front. They continue on blooming. They are so rewarding to find out in the still cold and mostly frozen garden.
For more Blooms on this cold winter day go to Carol's May Dreams Gardens.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Aaaahhhh those beautifu clearl blue skies of winter. Doncha just love em?? Not only are the Snowdrops loving these beautiful skies and warmer temps...
A few of the yellow crocus are popping up by the patio.
Out under the Ash tree the narcissus are popping up. Yep, I think everyone is ready for spring.I hope you have a wonderful weekend and for more Skywatching you can go here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

75 Exceptional Herbs For Your Garden

When I blew in from work this evening there was a cardboard box sitting on my computer. My DB was most curious about what might be in it. As soon as I read the return label stating Gibbs Smith Publisher I knew just was it was. You see I was the lucky person that had their name drawn by Layanee at Ledge and Gardens to receive this newly published book. Her description, which you can read here, made is sound like a good read.
What Layanee didn't tell you is that the book itself is just beautiful. If one was not a gardener you would be delighted to receive this book due to the exceptional binding and layout. I am so impressed with the quality of the book. It seems that now days publishers use the most flimsy materials. This book even feels good to hold. Oh and the illustrations by Ellen Buchert are marvelous. Not only is this book going to inspire me to plant more herbs but I will also be inspired to illustrate the herbs in my garden. I see that I have several herbs already in my garden that are included in this tome. I can't wait to read what interesting information the author Jack Staub has written about them and the many other herbs I only dream about growing. There are a couple of them that I haven't heard of before, so I feel I will learn a lot.

Again I want to thank Layanee for offering this book. I also want to thank Gibbs Smith Publisher for making this book available for the give away.
You will have to excuse me now. I can't wait any longer to peruse my new treasure. I will be looking for Hieronymus Bock, I can't wait to meet him. Oh yes, it is so beautiful.....mmmm..yes.... thank you, thank you..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Crows Galore

I thought I would try to upload a short, and I mean short, video of the murder of crows that gather in the trees across the street from my house. The noise they make as they start to come in and jockey for roosting position is astounding. This is but a small amount of them as I scared them from their roost as I walked into the grove of trees. Not the greatest time of day to try to film them but they come in at dusk and leave before dawn. I just wonder where they all come from. My DB estimated that there were 400 in this roost. I think that was a conservative estimate.

This may be the last video I ever upload. Whew, it took a l-o-n-g time to load. I just can't get over the ruckus they make coming and going.

Snow melt

The only snowballs that are being tossed around in the yard today are the dried up hydrangea blooms. The snow is gone. It was fun while it lasted.
Even this little microclimate along the fence has melted away today. After all it was 66F. It was delightful to be able to throw open the patio doors and let some fresh air into the house.
When I walked around I was delighted to see that the snow drops were taking advantage of being released from its prison of snow. They were trying their best to throw those blooms up into the air. It is to be as warm tomorrow so they will probably sporting a full bloom.
Even the magnolia has its little fuzzy blooms ready for action. I hope they don't bolt too soon. It will get cold again. That is a promise. After all it is only the first part of February.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Skywatch Friday

The gorgeous sun is melting away the snow. Our skies have been this gorgeous blue the past couple of days. The clouds in the background look like snow covered mountains to me. Even the fields are emerging and the Canada Geese are taking advantage of what is to offer in those fields.

I hope you have a great weekend. Skywatch Friday has lots of skies you can see here.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Favorite Garden Bird

Layanee over at Ledge and Gardens asked in her latest post "what is your favorite (garden) bird?" Well, I just found that almost impossible to answer. How do you pick and choose what is a favorite when we have so many beautiful feathered friends to choose from??
I think one of my favorites (today) is the Northern Mockingbird. They are sleek, aggressive, smart. They fiercely protect their nests and young. What's not to like about them?We have one that comes to our garden every winter about the time that the holly berries become ripe. It sets up its territory to include hollies and pyracantha planted out in the front garden. The Cardinals and Robins have a rough time sneaking in for a few berries when the Mockingbird is hanging around but they eventually get their fair share.
It is always on the lookout for the next ripest berry ready for the picking. Now if you asked me tomorrow what my favorite bird is I would probably have a different answer for you. What is your favorite garden bird?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Garden Bloggers Muse Day - February 2009

Snow Angels

When the snow is pristine
I hear them calling
I begin to feel like a tween
I can’t help falling
It’s not that I’m so keen
I can’t stop laughing
My boots full of snow
The angels are calling
So down I go
For more Garden Blogger's Muse Day quotes, poems and other thoughts go Here. Carolyn Gail at Sweet Home Chicago started this some time ago. Lots of fun.

I must say Luna has never seen me lying in the snow. She was wondering what in the world is my Mom doing? She is lying there in the snow flailing around. (Pam this one is for you.)Heck, I can do that. It is easy.

I would really rather that she get up and run around with me even though it is difficult in this deep snow.Dad is over there contemplating the double dip hill where the children that sled here made a ramp at the end out of two trash barrels. Dad always likes a challenge. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. We sure did.

New Blogger, Old Blogger

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