Monday, August 11, 2014

Path Edges

Ever since we changed our front sidewalk I have had this huge pile of concrete. I think the contractor thought I had lost my mind when I told him I wanted all that concrete. What he didn't know is that my mind was lost long ago. I didn't want the concrete to just go into the landfill for no reason. I had a plan.
You see, I have this path that runs up the West side of my garden. It is pea gravel and pea gravel likes to migrate when it gets squished with continual tromping.  This is before. You can hardly see the path. As we were having a cool spell I decided to implement my plan. 
My DB came out to help. He sorted the pieces and removed the heavy reinforcing wire that was sticking out of some of the pieces. 
I pulled up the rotting timbers that did line the path, dug a small trench and set the stones. I also had to pull/dig out plants that had crept into the path. 
Here you can see that we got this portion finished.I like having a bit wider path. Mostly that was accomplished by taking out the encroaching plants. It feels all neat and tidy. Of course those plants will recover and I will have to stay after them to keep them out of the pathway. 
The pile shrunk. I have more places I can use this. I (we) were worn out with it now. I will go at it again sometime. 
This is a view of the path as it starts from the patio. You walk to the little intersection and turn left.
This is how it looks walking from the patio to the path. 
As an aside along the path I made a little seat under the Japanese Maple with some of the larger pieces. Here I can sit,  
Watch and listen to the Wood Spirits while they are in concert. 
A quiet little place yet lively.


  1. I am a fan of paths and I am a fan of reusing broken concrete. Looks really good, Lisa.

  2. Hello Lisa, I love recycling garden waste like this too. I love paths through the garden too and I completely understand your gravel issues. Your path looks bigger now too - nice job :-)

    Coincidentally, I've been writing a post on a path edge today too - spooky ;-)

  3. This looks great!!!! What a vision you had, and it came to life! Love the little seat so you can enjoy the Wood Sprites! Your garden is a haven!

  4. It looks great - your garden is fabulous!

  5. Your path looks great! Now I am wishing I had some old concrete, too:) Love your new little seat as well. I never did find the second fairy from my mini Japanese garden this year--I wonder if she flew over to visit you?

  6. Lisa what a lovely garden path. Such a great idea to re purpose the broken cement. Just beautiful. Hope you are having a delightful summer.

  7. Great job repurposing that stuff! Great that you have some strong hands to help, too! Your garden is a dreamland!

  8. Looks great Lisa! Nothing better than free and reusing your own garden stuff. Concrete is awesome!

  9. Excellent reuse! I LOVE that arbor! So fabulous. :o) Your path looks wonderful. Your garden is a beauty. :o)

  10. What a great solution to two problems: leftover concrete and traveling gravel. Nice that the weather was good for working. Otherwise those summer projects can be so exhausting. We are having similar nice temps but little rain in July and none in Aug. It would be perfect with a nice drenching rain — soon.

  11. A brilliant solution. You know, they call old broken concrete "urbanite," and it can be used like flagstone to make paths and walls -- or, in your case, benches and edging!

  12. Love your seat with the little people Lisa. What a lovely place to sit and reflect.

    Path looks wonderful....lots of hard work but what a difference.

  13. Nice, Lisa! Years ago, while digging a new bed I came across a lot of broken concrete. Where it originally came from I don't know but promptly used it to outline an existing shaggy-edged bed. Your path looks great!


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