Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Surprises in the fall garden

My thinking about the garden is becoming as dull as the plants are beginning to look in my garden.

The tall asters are beginnig to fade. The rain has beat them down. 

Back in the corner the Tiger Eye Sumac has dropped it leaves.  Moving this out in a more conspicuous place is one of my chores yet to do.  It is too small for this space. 

I like to be able to see its fuzzy wuzzy stems without having to make way through the taller Asters.

Looking off the patio I can see that the Pesicaria I moved last fall is absolutely thrilled with their new situation.  I had some hostas here but they didn't like fighting with the Ash tree roots for nourishment. The Pesicaria doesn't mind and has been blooming all through late summer and will keep on no doubt until a freeze gets it. 

Their tiny white blooms work so well in flower arrangements. The dark leaves give a nice shot of color.

A nice surprise this fall has been that this Cordyalis had decided to emerge. I had quite a bit of this growing in this area several years ago. I guess the nearly 8" of rain we had last month encouraged it.

Another surprise plant this fall is a malva that popped up in a flower bed that had started receiving more light after we pruned a tree above it.  I just love these kinds of surprises.

I know Mr McGregor's Daughter has had some surprises in her garden. Have you had any surprises in your garden this fall??


  1. I love the first shot of the asters; they look like they were reaching for you.
    My surprise is my lillac blooming...
    Enjoy yours!

  2. Hi Lisa....your asters have certainly done well, they have a very good height....

    Corydalis is rampant in my is in the beds, in shingle on the drive, it spreads like wildfire here. I don't mind but I do have to keep it in check....

  3. That sumac has a great shape and I, too, love its fuzzy wuzzy stems--it will be nice for you to see it more easily. Also, isn't Cordyalis a great genus? The ones you have are so pretty! (My mind is also dull this time of year, LOL!)

  4. Oooh... I have had jolts of envy every time someone shows that Tiger Eye foliage. And now I'm coveting its fuzzy wuzzy stems, too! :)

    Lovely photos. Funny how some things like the corydalis sleep for more than just a winter before waking up and putting on a show, isn't it?

  5. Lisa, wish the weather would have cooperated a little so that I could have seen some of the surprises in your garden. The look from the patio doors was just not enough! :)I love the cordyalis-such a pretty colorHope it keeps on liking that spot and will get big enough to be a pass a long.

    The first photo of the asters is charming. The fence provides a beautiful backdrop.

    Enjoy your week and I know the open house will go very well. You all did a fantastic job!

  6. The biggest surprise has been the excessive rainfalls effect on the garden! It didn't help the Tiger's Eye Sumac at all! Although, I can clearly see its fuzzy wuzzy stems. Love your tall asters...are they native or Aster tataricus? gail

  7. Beautiful I love seeing gardens and surprises.

  8. Aren't surprises just so much fun? :c)

  9. Lisa isn't it funny to see Tiger Eye with no leaves ? .. talk about fuzzy wuzzy is right !
    Is that corydalis "Canary Feathers" ? that yellow is beautiful : )

  10. Gail, I am not sure if the Asters are native or not. They were a pass along plant.

    Garden Joy, I don't know what kind of Cordyalis this is. I looked for information about it before I posted. It is several years old so if the canary feathers is a new variety I think not. I like the idea of having Canary Feathers in my garden though. :)

  11. The pesicaria is an interesting-looking plant, Lisa; is it a groundcover? I love surprises in the garden, but the only ones I've had I think are some blooms that have lasted through our frosts. Well, and then my strange clematis that is still blooming.

  12. Thanks for the shout out! I'd be feeling up that Sumac if it were mine. I love the texture of it. The sunny Corydalis is an excellent bonus. They are such nifty little plants. Keep an eye out for Malva seedlings, soon they'll be popping up all over

  13. Hi Lisa, what a crop of asters, they must have been covered in butterflies earlier. The corydalis is a sweet thing, we have had total failure with every one we have tried here, too dry I believe. We love the persicarias too, they are blooming machines and seem to like the cooler temps. I want to touch fuzzy wuzzy! Slightly more demure than MMD feeling him up! HA :-)

  14. It was great to see you still had so much color in your garden. I'm sure the late season nectaring insects appreciate the blooms.

  15. Hi there Lisa, suprises in the garden are what makes it fun too. Don't like things too predictable ;-)

    Great you've caught some pics and surprises before Jack Frost visits you. I 've enjoyed seeing views around your garden.

    Yep... we've a surprise too but of a different kind... just as it gets dark something is calling... just what can it be?

    Have a great weekend :-D

  16. That Cordyalis is a nice surprise. I have nothing blooming but a few Rozanne that just won't admit winter is near.

  17. I have red mums, that I forgot all about, bloom from under the peonies.
    We also have had a mild summer and autumn. The biggest surprise for me has been so many butterflies are still about. We have had lots of frosts and most of the flowers are finished blooming. Thank goodness for the marigolds. They are full of butterflies and bees.

  18. No surprises in my garden. So I enjoyed yours!

  19. At first I was disappointed with the fall, but now I'm happy about the early chill. The color we got is worth it.

  20. Love that fuzzy-wuzzy stem, Lisa. Surprises with the change of rain levels and sunshine are fun!I'm thinking the only surprise in my garden (besides the 90+ degrees we had for 3 weeks in October) is that the neglected orchids are starting to bloom again.

    That malva has lovely leaves!
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  21. I think if one looks attentive, it can often be discovered that gardens are full of surprises, as nature likes to "play". I like your autumnal garden and especially the very first picture. This contrast in color, shape and form is great...and I like asters, these lovely autumn flowers.
    Have a good time and enjoy November!

  22. Your garden could never be dull, Lisa!

    Surprises from my garden include a bumper crop of peppers (during a cold wet summer) and an abundance of ticks (the likes of which I've never seen before). Perhaps they rode in the rabbits. Have not had rabbits to contend with ...ever!
    They are logging on top of the mountain, and have disrupted all sorts of stuff.

  23. Yeah, again the first shot have caught my attention!
    Just so lovely!!!!!


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